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Before creating custom vacuum formed products, Premier Plastics reviews the challenges faced by our customers. From fabrication issues to durability concerns, we understand the many obstacles you must overcome to get your products to market. Because we look at the big picture every time we tackle a new project, we are confident we can satisfy cost objectives.

As a result, Premier Plastics has been called upon to create a host of special products like bezels, weatherheads, covers, receptacles, liners, adapters, caps, fixtures, bodies, fairings, totes, dividers, trays, pallets, stools, ramps, stands, guides, templates, stiffeners, lids, clamshells, pans and packages... all for a myriad of customers as diverse as the products we create.

Fortune 1000 companies, inventors, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, start-up and non-profit organizations have all used Premier to provide cost-effective plastic parts in short delivery lead times!

We invite you to review our many products or to call us for a solution to your pressing needs.


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