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spacer.gif (49 bytes) application_folios.gif (5396 bytes)ArtFolio is an handy, lightweight, portable shipping case supporting safe transport of your most valuable paintings, prints and documents. Art dealers use versatile ArtFolio to carry and ship high-value goods by car, air, train and using everyday shipping services like Federal Express and UPS all over the world.

ArtFolio's ABS plastic expandable housing can hold up to a 3" stack of prints, paintings or sheet goods. The large ArtFolio totes 75# of 30" x 40" payload, and uses military quality strapping throughout. The optional caster set is ideal for moving heavy loads from curb to office in a safe, ergonomic carrying system.

The small ArtFolio case is rated at 50# payload and holds up to 2-1/2" of 20" x 30" sheet goods. Each ArtFolio comes complete with a high quality closed cell foam liner that is moisture and mildew resistant, and provides optimum protection for your valuable art inventory.

Only ArtFolio provides an insurable container that is directly accepted by the shipping companies. Just place your artwork inside, cinch the internal strapping system to hold it securely in place, close and snap the outside straps and ArtFolio is ready to ship! No more messy boxes, expensive crates, or cardboard sheathing to tape and tie. No more rejected baggage by the airlines. No more embarrassing moments in front of customers while you unpack homemade crates and boxes.

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